5 Best Limodify Products For New Brands

5 Best Limodify Products For New Brands

Here at Limodify our primary goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs unlock the power of professional growth marketing services. All of the services we offer are seamlessly integrated to brands of any size or sector to help sow the seeds of sustainable growth. Now let's break down the 5 best products for new brands.

  • Email Flow Set-up
    • Any successful founder will always say that your first 100 customers should be treated like gold. After all, they are the foundation for the rest of your brand's direction. When you start your business with a well-planned lifecycle email marketing strategy, the sky's the limit for early-stage growth. Limodify will use proven strategies to create a custom flow structure that fits your business like a glove. We make it easy so you can focus on all of the other heavy lifting that comes with a new brand.

  • Facebook Ads Account Set Up
    • When you become ready to start marketing your new business it's important to get started running Facebook ads. Before you start running ads you have to set up your ads account. This can be a time-consuming and complicated process to execute properly. With such an important part of your business, you should trust the digital marketing professionals at Limodify to set up your ads account for success.

  • Branded Social Media Posts
    • For new brands, a well-designed social media feed can be the backbone of your aesthetic and brand voice now more than ever. One of the first points of reference for many new customers is looking through your social media so it is very important to make sure that it looks professional and represents your brand in the right way. Limodify provides you with custom posts that are professionally designed so that you can rely on experts to curate your content and set the tone for your social media presence.

  • Facebook Targeting Set-up 
    • After you set your Facebook Ads account, you're going to need to implement some strategy in order to create a successful campaign. Targeting comes into play when you are trying to figure out who will resonate the most with your ads and interact with your brand. This can be difficult in the midst of getting your new business off the ground so it's always a good idea to trust a digital marketing expert to help you along this process. Limodify will task a team of digital marketers to tailor your targeting so that your Facebook ads are successful for your new business.

  • Custom Shopify Order Confirmation Receipt 

From the moment you make your first sale, one of the most important parts of having a positive customer experience is having an automated Shopify order receipt. Your new e-commerce brand needs to treat those first few customers like gold in order to solidify the legitimacy of your brand. This can be the most important form of contact for your business so it's smart to trust the professionals at Limodify to create a seamless and legitimate experience for your customers.

Final Tip: Head to Limodify today for more information on how to get started with growth marketing solutions at a more affordable price point than an agency with fewer headaches than a freelancer.