Your Facebook Ads & The iOS 14 Update: What’s Changed?

Your Facebook Ads & The iOS 14 Update: What’s Changed?

The iOS 14 update is in full swing. Marketers should take note of some important changes included in this update. As part of the update, there is ATT, which stands for App Tracking Transparency Prompt.

Apple-based devices show pop-up asking users if they want Facebook and other apps to track their activity across sites and organizations, and they are given the choice of whether to opt-out or allow it. In the United States, customers are opting out at a 30% higher rate since this feature was previously buried in the settings applications.

If you rely on Facebook ads to drive e-commerce growth or to get more installs and conversion on a mobile application, you will be most affected by the update as the majority of consumers are not opting in.

Pixel Tracking Changes

When more people opt-out of being tracked for Pixel actions like form submission, download, purchase completion and add to carts, there will be fewer numbers reported in those areas.

Events Capped At 8 Per Domain

Event tracking has changed significantly for marketers on Facebook.

In iOS 14, users who opt out of tracking will only record one event related to a Facebook ad click after they click on it. When a user clicks the ad and completes the conversion, a predetermined event is tracked. 

There is now a maximum of 8 events per domain that can be tracked. Several relevant events will be assigned to your company based on Facebook's belief that they are relevant.