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Our products all offer estimated completion times. You can select whatever works best for you! Please note, we only operate on business days. Typical orders take anywhere from 1-4 business days.

We send you a confirmation email with detailed instructions on how to proceed with the process. Once completed you will have access to a dedicated account manager.

If your order requires us to design an asset, you get everything you need directly to your email inbox.

Of course, everything we offer tends to work in tandem.

Of course! We want to be sure that you get exactly what you came for.

Once your files are received, you can simply respond to your account manager with notes.

Because of the nature of our product, we do not offer any refunds. Our team consists of passionate designers, copywriters and marketers who trade time for value.

Of course, whatever we create, craft and structure for you - is all yours.

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Great question, with an even better answer! Limodify is an eCommerce platform that allows you to buy growth, similar to shopping for shoes. UpWork and Fiverr, are freelance websites which give you access to individuals who can help with tasks.

Our team is 100% in-house and experienced in crafting digital marketing collateral and positioning. Additionally, we also believe that time is of the essence, with Limodify you can finally quit wasting time chatting with freelancers and/or reviewing applications. We offer a centralized hub, for all of your needs.

No, no, no! We do not. We carefully built our team in order to provide optimal results for our clientele. We are 100% in-house!

We service all businesses; big or small!

We are based in Manhattan, New York. AKA, the city that never sleeps.

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Good question, yes! If you own an agency and do not want to hire talent, browse freelance sites or eat up profits - we offer the perfect solution.

Yes, our work is white-labeled. If you work with a client, they will not know that our crafty hands are behind it. ;)

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