What You Get

Once your order is placed, you will be sent an email with a Calendly link in which you can book your session. All sessions are held through Zoom.

FaceBook, Google or TikTok Ad Sessions:

  • Having trouble setting up your first campaigns? We'll walk you through the entire process.
  • Ads not performing well? Our team will help audit and review your campaigns. We will then prescribe a solution, while giving you the best steps to proceed. 
  • Scaling ads can be a challenge, we'll provide you with the account structure that will enable you to scale your spend.
  • If you are already running ads on these platforms, our team can help refine them with you on your session. 

Whether you are struggling to convert or looking to launch/scale - we will layout a structure that is custom-tailored to your business and most likely to set you up for success. 

*These sessions are held on zoom, and we do not need access to your accounts.*

Website Audit:

  • Our expert web analyst will review your website and offer suggestion on how to increase conversions.
  • Discussions also include design, upsells, functionality and A/B testing.
  • If you are struggling to convert or need help with your website flow - it is a worthwhile investment to spend some time with our team.

Email Strategy:

  • In these sessions we discuss list growth, segmenting, increasing open rates and creating effective campaigns.
  • We also will review your flows and automation, designs and account structure.

Branding Strategy:

  • Not sure where to start? Our team will help you craft ideas, discuss positioning and go-to market strategy.
  • We will also help underwrite your current design/brand voice (if any) or analyze the market to leverage a stronger approach.

All Encompassing Session:

  • These sessions are more catered to those who are seeking to cover all of the above and other additional items not mentioned such as price-point positioning, brand voice, general brand feedback and more. It's sort of like free-styling! You set the pace, and tell us where you need help.