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FaceBook Ad Targeting Pack

Custom Made For Your Business

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Our team will analyze, create and deliver high converting FaceBook audience interests for your business. 

With the complexity of Facebook ads, it can become easy to waste money on the wrong targeting (even when you think the audience is dialed in). Our expert digital marketers gather data from Facebook and other resources to analyze and find your highest converting audiences. We make targeting the right audience simple, just sit back and let us do the rest.

How It Works:

Step 1: Place an order.

Step 2: After placing your order, you will receive a form in which you can provide assets, business information, inspiration and ideas.

Step 3: Once submitted, your dedicated account manager and expert team will share your fully custom audiences for you to implement.

Step 4: You are all set! Apply what we gave you and go. 

Once your order is placed, you will be prompted to fill out a brief two step form. This painless process takes approximately 3 minutes.

Standard Package:

  • Interest audience(s) that is both relevant to your audience with the best practice structure.

Please note, we do not need access to your ads manager to do this. That information is kept private. Our process includes data scraping, leveraging our internal tools to help structure the perfect and most relevant audience for you.

Once your order is completed, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to implement with the audience defined. 

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FaceBook Ad Targeting Pack
FaceBook Ad Targeting Pack

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